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Eddie Williams


Bishop Eddie Williams was baptized and added to the Church in 1974 by Brother Glover Tucker. He and his wife, Nora Williams, have been married over 40 plus years and together have raised their
children in the love and discipline of the Lord. Bishop Williams spiritual growth developed under the oversight of Elder JB Tucker and Elder R. Rushin at Miami Gardens Church of Christ. He attended evangelism school at Abilene Christian College in Abilene, Texas under the direction of Dr. John Ellis. He has also taught several evangelism workshops in Alabama, the Bahamas, Georgia, and Florida to name a few. Bishop Williams lead new convert classes, youth ministries, and evangelism classes for several years and became an elder in 1998 at the Miami Gardens Church of Christ. Today, he and Bishop Kevin Phillips shepherd the flock at The Rex Rd Church of Christ where they remain Bible
based and strive to resemble the first century church. Together they continue to teach the importance of having love for thy neighbor, keeping God first above all else and spreading the Gospel to everyone everywhere.

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Kevin Phillips Sr.


Samuel Kevin Phillips, Sr. has been a servant of the Lord for over 22 years. From the beginning, he has worked in many different capacities along the way. Utilizing his knowledge of engineering and construction, he first maintained the church facility (mechanical, electrical, structural, etc.). He then began to lead and/or assist various ministries such as prison, food, youth and transportation. His desire to grow spiritually spurred him to enroll in the Sunset School of Preaching which allotted him the opportunity to preach and work more extensively in the area of evangelizing. Along the way, he married his wife Stacie and from this union they became stewards of eight of God’s little children. Brother Phillips then began to qualify himself to be a Deacon (in 3 years) and then as a Bishop (in 8 years). His desire is to continually show the life of Christ Jesus through his life. Bishop Phillips has a passion for helping those in need (via humanitarian efforts) and those who are lost (via spiritual guidance) because of his gratitude to the Lord for what He has done for him. Bishop Phillips has dedicated his life to serving the Lord, his people and all who he can reach.

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